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Preventive Care:  We believe the cornerstone of preventive care is a thorough and comprehensive Wellness Examination every year. Vaccinations are tailored to your pet’s lifestyle and risk of exposure, using your input. Our vaccination protocols are based on the most recent research and recommendations of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and the American Academy of Feline Practitioners (AAFP). Our recommendations for preventive care continually change based on new research and ideas, your pet’s life stage (pediatric, adult, geriatric), lifestyle (outdoor athlete or indoor “couch potato”), breed-related concerns, as well as your input and ideas about preventive care. Education- both yours and ours- and Communication are very important to us.

Medical Diagnosis and Treatment:  From minor cuts and bruises and simple illnesses to major disease diagnosis and treatment, we provide the highest quality medical care available in the area.  We have an extensive in-house laboratory for blood, urine, and fecal testing, digital xray, IV fluid therapy pumps, heated cages, a "New / Cutting edge in house blood-chem analyzer" Nov 2010. Digital Xray unit new 2011 - cutting edge diagnostic capability, few vets in Northern Michigan w/ this technology. Modern microscope, a well-stocked pharmacy, anesthetic monitoring devices, and rapid access to ultrasound and EKG.  We are able to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions, from simple to complex.  We also recognize our limitations and will provide referrals to specialists when appropriate.

Hospitalization: Our high staff-to-doctor ratio ensures consistent monitoring and treatment while your pet is in our care. Our support staff is experienced, highly-educated and highly-trained in veterinary care. Our “team” approach to healthcare ensures excellent communication between our doctors, support staff and pet owners.

General Surgery:  Elective surgeries such as spays (ovariohysterectomies), neuters (castrations), declaws and growth/tumor removals receive the same high quality care and careful anesthetic monitoring as a complicated orthopedic surgery. We provide thorough pain management to assist your pet in recovery for every patient, every time as our standard of care.

Referral Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Surgery:   Dr. Henshaw worked for nearly 8 years in a referral-only surgical practice in Grand Rapids before joining Oakwood’s team in 2007.  In addition to those years of experience, he as extensive post-graduate training in surgery, including fracture repair and ligament repair, cancer surgery, abdominal exploratories, and emergency surgery.  He also has extensive experience with medical management of arthritis, including pain management, nutritional supplementation, and physical therapy techniques.  Many northern Michigan veterinarians refer their complex surgical cases to Oakwood and Dr. Henshaw.

Dental Care:  We believe oral health to be extremely important to your pet’s comfort and well-being. We can help you prevent dental disease, including gingivitis and tooth loss, with appropriate diet, dental toys and treats, tooth brushing lessons and products, and periodic cleaning and polishing.

Pharmacy & Nutritional Care:  Many prescription medications and diets are conveniently available in our well-stocked pharmacy and retail area. We can provide recommendations regarding special diets for a variety of illnesses including diabetes, kidney disease, sensitive stomachs, and obesity to name a few. Our entire staff believes excellent nutrition promotes general health and well being for us all! A well-stocked pharmacy gives our doctors a variety of medication choices to tailor an effective treatment plan for each individual patient.

Hospice Care:  Palliative and hospice care for pets is offered at Oakwood. Palliative care involves managing the pain, lack of appetite, fatigue, nausea, cough and other signs your pet may be experiencing from a chronic disease or its treatment. Hospice care similarly treats a pet’s signs of discomfort, typically in their home, and is reserved for pets diagnosed with terminal (end-of-life) illnesses such as cancer or organ failure (heart, liver or kidney).

Euthanasia:  Considering the end of a beloved pet's life is never easy. When all medical and surgical options have been considered, and you have made the difficult decision to end your pet's suffering with compassion and dignity, euthanasia is a service we can provide. Afterwards, we can provide options for cremation if you so choose.


We LOVE Dr. Henshaw and his staff!

They are so friendly and helpful, and are excellent at remembering details about our crew. They were very accommodating when I wanted to bring all three in at once for their annual checkups - we were like a small circus in the exam room!

Dr. Henshaw's style is relaxed but very attentive and he's very honest about his thoughts. You can tell he's in this for the health and well being of your pet, NOT the cash.

Highly recommend Oakwood!

Liz K.
Traverse City, MI

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